Main goal of the Universe cryptocurrency is to help evolution of the game industry.
Our target is creation of the infrastructure around the Universe cryptocurrency, development of the game (and not only) projects, introduction UNI as payment service to the various games.

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At the moment, we are working on a large-scale update of the game with the integration of NFT and direct transactions. Large-scale browser-based multiplayer real-time strategy. The game world consists of many galaxies and planets. The project supports free * UNI deposit and withdrawal with no additional fees **, and also has an internal marketplace that allows players to freely trade in-game items.

Project status
launched, supports UNI

* Min input and output is 100 UNI (temporarily)

** Only transaction fee

Telegram bot

Telegram bot with wallet support (deposite and withdrawal)*, UNI codes** (creating and activating). The bot implements a classic trading exchange in various currencies, where UNI is the base currency. Also, there is a functionality of liquidity pools, where each user can invest currencies in the pool and receive a reward in the form of exchange commissions. Anyone can use the liquidity pool to exchange coins. The liquidity pool is a new way of exchanging coins, which in some cases is better than the classic trading exchange.

Project status

* Only one address

** One time codes for UNI send inside the service