Main goal of the Universe cryptocurrency is to help evolution of the game industry.
Our target is creation of the infrastructure around the Universe cryptocurrency, development of the game (and not only) projects, introduction UNI as payment service to the various games.

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  • Algorithm
  • Confirmation method
  • Current block
    2 146 791
  • PoS reward
  • Time between blocks
    1 minute



Universe Online Wallet (UOW)

Online wallet of the Universe cryptocurrency represents an alternative to the desktop wallet with some advantages and disadvantages. Primarily it is intended to ease using of UNI, lower the threshold of entry and also to provide the possibility to access cryptocurrency for users with no ability to use desktop wallet. UOW supports PoS rewards, and it is equal* to the desktop wallet.

Project status

* Rewards come less regularly, but in total percent is identical

** In beta test at the moment. Release ETA is spring 2019


Massive browser multiplayer real time strategy. The game world consist of numerous amounts of galaxies and planets. Project supports free* input and output of the UNI without additional fees**, and also have internal marketplace, that allows players to trade ingame items freely. At this moment massive game update is planned.

Project status
launched, supports UNI

* Min input and output is 100 UNI (temporarily)

** Only transaction fee

Universe Escrow

Marketplace where you can buy and sell real items using the Universe cryptocurrency.

Project status
Telegram bot

Telegram bot with wallet support (deposite and withdrawal)*, UNI codes** (creating and activating).

Project status

* Only one address

** One time codes for UNI send inside the service